Inter-professional directory
Inter-professional directory
Find all the professionals of your region thanks to our directory including numerous liberal profession & companies... This directory is the relational shop window of all lebanese grouped by profession which will reflect their know-how, the richness and the diversity of their activity.

The directory has social and economic obejectives.He allows persons or institutions, companies, craftmen and liberal professions to have a bigger visibility and to widen the circle of their clientele.

The professional directory, its functioning and its organisation

The solidarity passes not only by the politics or the confessional and personal considerations which, often, divide instead of gathering together. The solidarity is more effective and more striking when it is based on criteria of financial and economic order .
That is why the importance of the professional directory. This link is indispensable to include the lebanese of any horizons and sectors, so that together, they form an economic and financial strength and profit from this network to move forward.
The directory has for objective to mobilize the membres of the Diaspora and to give them the tool which will allow them to confide and to collaborate confidently in a purely professional purpose.

The registration in the professional directory is made on line

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