Subscribing conditions
Subscribing conditions
Find all the professionals of your region thanks to our directory including numerous liberal profession & companies... This directory is the relational shop window of all lebanese grouped by profession which will reflect their know-how, the richness and the diversity of their activity.

The site is declared with the competent institutions or the national commission of the informations and the liberties (CNIL)

No personal information is collected without your knowledge.

The end purpose and the use of these informations will be only for the professional directory of which you make part.

You will have a right of acces, modification and deletions of those data, that you can practice at any time with the web master.

General Conditions of the program of inscription in the directory
  • please read the following conditions and accept them.
  • I assert having read in full the affiliation conditions at the professional directory.
  • Type yes or no.
  • Please seize your code and password which were communicated by mail.
  • Please register your activity and all informations refering to it, with your phone, Mobile,full address,and valid mail.

1. Membership
  • The present contract which intervenes between you and the association is established by the present general conditions of the program of inscriptions.
  • The DLO will reserve the right to refuse the membership of an applicant or a member at any time and her entire discretion.
  • By registering you give evidence that you are at least 18 years and you accept that DLO will spread the announcements supplied by you in connection with the program.The user accounts hold by a person or legal entity can be closed at once, except if they are object of a written autorization.

2. Implementation and exploitation of the announcements: Duties and Rights.
  • You agree to follow the guidelines, rules and specifications supplied by DLO to allow a distribution, a display, a follow up and a control of any announcement without limit.
  • By subscribing, you make a commitment to respect autodisciplinary rules- professional code and quality chart, approved by the board of directors and the executive bureau.
  • The members strive to apply these rules in the strictest way. The use of the emblem implies de facto the respect for these rules.
    The DLO reserve the right at any time , to estimate and to control these conditons of use and take all the measures planned by the statuses in case of inaproprieted custom of use. Politic being completely bannished.
    The announcements will be posted on web pages accomodated by DLO,among which the size(format), the aspect,the friendliness users,can be modified from time to time only by DLO.
        • You agree not to present on the same page other announcements belonging to other identities that an end user could confuse.
        • You agree to pass on to DLO any communication relating to an announcement in connection with your page.

3. Responsability
  • You are the unique and only responsible of your site, including all the contents and all the material as well as their maintenance and their functioning and the respect of the conditions.
  • DLO reserve the right to investigate, at her entire discretion, on any activity susceptible to violate the present contract , without limitation,including the use of software application to reach announcements, links, results of research, and to stop any participation in activities forbidden by the contract.

4. Forbidden utilisation.
  • You declare on the honor not to place your announcement with misleading information, fraudulent or illicit, including the use of robots or other automatic request tools..
  • It is strictly forbidden to redirect the user with links towards an annoucement different from the one shown on your page.

5. Rights relative to the information.

DLO can preserve and use, according to the measures of its policy of confidentiality, all the informations that you supply. You accept that DLO may transfer and communicate to third parties, informations concerning you, in the purpose of a wider visibility of your physical or personal company.DLO declines any responsability and cannot be held responsible of the disclosure of these informations by third parties.

6. Regulations for the payment of the contribution.

The inscription implies the acceptance of the rights of contribution. The payment is made during the registration by check or bank transfer in favour of the association.


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