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After months of reflection and consultation I have recognised the need to bring together all members of the diaspora for greater solidarity.

Despite our diversity, indeed despite despite our divergences and the fact that we may come from different communities, regions and allegiances, the time has come to recognise these differences as a source of richness, on a par of those riches offered by the freedom to choose the books we read, the liberties we prize, the opinions we hold, the trends and the affinities we follow.

These divergences must now serve as a driving force for a mature union, unification founded on the interests of the future generations; As parents we can ensure that our children do not make the same errors we made with the right support and guidance.

The Lebanese Diaspora Overseas is conceived in a spirit of self-respect, of the image we convey of our home country, of our respective opinions, of what each of us can bring to the community for closer solidarity.

I am well aware that I am by no means the first to have thought or dreamed of the Diaspora Centre, but I am certain of my intention and my determination to bring this project to fruition.

I am surrounded by a team committed to the same principles and objectives, a team that relies upon the support of the entire community.

I know that we can make this happen.
That is why I want everyone involved, to know that this is not a one man's project. It is a long term project, a project that can only move forward in a spirit of solidarity and unity. We hope that it will meet with wide- ranging support.

Naoum Abi-Rached
Lebanese Diaspora Overseas

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