Find all the professionals of your region thanks to our directory including numerous liberal profession & companies... This directory is the relational shop window of all lebanese grouped by profession which will reflect their know-how, the richness and the diversity of their activity.

... are ambitious, and we intend our approach to be beyond dispute, faultless and transparent.

The primary goal of our association is to bring the Lebanese people in France together in order to safeguard the national identity and cultural values.

We are reaching out to both French citizens of Lebanese extraction and Lebanese nationals resident in France.

The wealth we have to offer is based on the complementarity of our talents and the diversity of our allegiances, cultures and knowledge.

1- Create an inter professional network and the professional directory.
2- Develop mutual aid and solidarity between lebanese of the diaspora and creating a structure providing reception services, legal and financial advices etc...for all members of the association. An assistance for the new comers, an employment assistance in accordance with current legislation.
3- Encouraging all those of Lebanese origin to participate in social and political life in France and each country of adoption. /td>
4- Encourage the national spirit and the dialogue within our community far from any political or religious consideration.
5- Offering our support to a range of humanitarian projects, in particular the treatment re-education and insertion of Lebanon’s disabled, in close collaboration with non- profit organisations working in the field and with the relevant authorities.
6- Giving priority to the youth by creating opportunities to meet around their centres of interest in an atmosphere of understanding and dialogue.
7- Creating the Diaspora Centre, a cultural centre, meeting point and events venue, to promote Lebanese talent and creativity in every field: literary, artistic, social, sporting...

*Finally, all these objectives will be concretizes with the House of the Diaspora project.
This link will be made through:
Educational and cultural demonstrations: Teach the history and the lebanese cultural to the youth, connect them with their origins and help them in their route.

Social events: parties, dinners, entertainments, previews and conferences of public Interest.

Sportive demonstrations: create teams of any sport, collective or individual games (interlebanese or french/lebanese tournaments), to cultivate team, competition and complicity spirit

It is through seeing our programme take shape with the support of all that we will be able to pass on to our children the values and traditions of our origins.

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