Find all the professionals of your region thanks to our directory including numerous liberal profession & companies... This directory is the relational shop window of all lebanese grouped by profession which will reflect their know-how, the richness and the diversity of their activity.

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Join us at the Lebanese Diaspora Overseas-b annual fee : 12 Euros

We would appreciate your payment by bank tranfer in favor of:

Diaspora Libanaise Overseas
Domiciliation : BLOM BANK France
Adresse : 38-40, avenue des champs Elysées - 75008 Paris France
Code Banque : 17599
Code Guichet : 00001
Clé : 32
Numéro de Compte : 26003044301
IBAN : FR76 1759 9000 0126 0030 4430 132

or by cheque to the order of DLO and sent to Diaspora Libanaise Overseas
22, avenue de la Bourdonnais - 75007 Paris France

Membership & affiliation
• Each person from lebanese origin is part of the Diaspora even those descendant from generations born abroad
• To subscribe, it is enough to present its application/candidacy to the executive bureau which will rule
• Each member can be candidate at the executive bureau

The membership gets lost :
• Resignation sent to the executive bureau by registered letter
• Death
• the exclusion is pronounced by the executive bureau for graves motives :
    - Those who by their acts or statements/declarations, damage the image and the objectives of the association, break its statutes.
    - Those who takes advantage of the organization for personnel benefits and purposes.

• Registration fee : optional
• Contribution : 1 Euro per month et per person , so 12 Euros per year
• Products of events and social, sports and other activities
• Administration and subsidy of the state and the local authorities
• Donations and Sponsoorship

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